VINx2 Winery Software

Streamline vintage with VINx2's intuitive schedule and get real time information when you need it the most.

Stop errors and double entry by using barcodes and a wireless scanner to manage your barrel work.

"One-click" compliance reports for government auditors. No matter whether you’re in Australia, New Zealand or North America, VINx2 will help you comply to government regulations and reporting requirements.


VINx2 has several feature rich modules designed as add-ons to our Base Winemaking and Production module.

Base Winemaking and Production

The base winemaking module provides all the features a commercial winery needs in order to track production from fruit sampling all the way to bulk dispatch for bottling. It includes all compliance reporting requirements for bulk wine production.

Watch an overview of this module here.

Bottling, Inventory and Warehousing

The VINx2 Inventory module encompasses bottling, inventory and warehouse functions allowing wineries to completely manage the bottling and post-production side of winemaking. VINx2 distinguishes between dry-good/consumable stock and finished products allowing you to quickly manage stock levels and warehouse distributions.

Client Billing

The Client Billing module is the complete solution for wineries that make wine under contract or custom crush. With this module you can automatically raise charges as day-to-day winery work is completed or make ad-hoc charges for work outside your standard fees. At the end of each billing period VINx2 allows you to generate tailored invoices and export them to your accounting package, such as QuickBooks or Xero, for debt management. Bulk wine storage, additions, extra lab work and filtration are just some of the many examples of work you can now accurately bill for.

See our online guide for Client Billing to see just how comprehensive this module is.

Client Login and Reporting

The Client Login and Reporting module is ideal for any winery processing some or all wine under contract. It allows your clients to securely login to your VINx2 database to generate reports for wines that they own.

This can be a huge time saver, particularly over vintage where the information needs of your clients are high and the spare time of your staff and winemakers is low.

Tank Control Interface

VINx2 interfaces with both TankNET by Acrolon and VinWizard for tank and temperature control. Our interfaces with both companies are a truly bi-directional exchange allowing for the flow of temperate, status and Brix readings between systems. This reduces an enormous amount of double entry, particularly during harvest.

Barrel Bar code Management

VINx2 supports a truly wireless barrel scanning solution that frees your staff from manually writing and double handling codes when working with barrels.

Work orders for barrel work can be scanned by your cellar hands before scanning either a grouped or individual barrel as part of a job. The barrel list is then linked, in real time, to the work order saving your cellar hands from keeping a manual record of the barrels they've worked with.

You can also scan any barrel to get current status including analysis and composition information all while standing in front of or tasting the barrel.

Sparkling Wine

Not all wineries produce sparkling wine, but those that do know the pitfalls of trying to account for it using systems designed for table wine production. The VINx2 Sparkling module provides comprehensive support for sparkling producers and encompasses the additional winery operations of tirage, riddling and disgorgement.