Help! How to pass a Wine Australia audit

One of the cornerstones of vintrace as a wine production software is its ability to help you pass a Wine Australia audit. But just having the tools to keep the auditor happy isn’t enough, you need to know how to use them!

If you are unsure of how to access key reports, then when it comes time for an audit it can become quite challenging. A common request come audit time, can be to provide a full transaction history from bottling all the way back to fruit intake for a particular product or quite simply known as from “grape to glass”. Making yourself comfortable with the steps taken to provide these reports should help alleviate any challenges during a potential audit. Locating the product that was bottled and then running a full Product History report should satisfy this requirement.

Another key component of an audit is being able to verify the accuracy of your records. If you’ve entered an intake of either fruit or bulk wine in to vintrace, it’s not automatically going to be assumed to be an accurate record. You will still need some supporting documentation from the supplier to verify this. It’s strongly suggested to upload these using the file upload feature available on every operation for easy retrieval.

Although it can be tempting to take shortcuts with your data entry, any cellar work performed that changes the vintage, variety or GI of a wine must be recorded. Any changes to the vessel or the volume of that wine needs to be included in that record with starting and ending volumes.

And lastly, with the recent changes in the Australian Food Standards Code, water may now be added to wine, if it’s added to dilute high sugar grape must prior to fermentation. It shouldn’t dilute the must below 13.5 degrees Baume. As this is new legislation there is likely to be additional checks made for this during an audit. You will need to make sure you have records of a baume reading before and after the addition of water, as well as the amount of water added to your must. Knowing how to access these records will also be critical. The Wine Additions Report will help you find instances where you’ve added water and to which batch of wine.

We understand an audit can be a stressful time but it really doesn’t have to be. If you keep these points in mind you are well on your way to passing a Wine Australia audit.

Joshua Abra

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